Have you had a book idea that's been sitting unfinished in your head or on your hard drive for weeks... Months... Or even YEARS?
Do you wonder how some authors seem to be able to crank out books as fast as a speeding bullet, yet you're still waiting for that "perfect" one sentence?
Do you have access to great publishing trainings and wish someone would just tell you to sit down and do it already... and give you the motivation to keep going when you get distracted or feel like giving up?
How would you like to finally reach your writing goals and get your book published and in your hands before the end of the year?
How would it feel to finish your book in the next 30 days?

From: Kristen Joy & Natalie Marie Collins

Re: It's time you discover the secrets full-time authors have been hiding from you! 
Writing a book can be hard work. Trying to create daily habits can seem impossible when everything else wants your attention.

That's what we've discovered in our own lives… The "busyness" of life keeps getting in the way of our book goals.
A Little Backstory...
Kristen got fed up with her mind playing tricks on her, convincing her it was more important to watch TV or nap in the hammock than work on the book that's been eating at her soul for over a year.

Natalie has started many heart-want books with every intention of getting them done, but doesn't ever seem to make it past the first chapter, let alone finish. 

So one lazy evening in front of the TV, Kristen texted Natalie with an idea… What if we held space for each other each week to work on our projects, and held each other accountable to our goals?

That simple question led into a lengthy (and fun!) conversation about how we're not the only ones who struggle with this problem… And have these desires. So that's why we decided to create the Book Writing Challenge!
Now's Your Chance...
Join us and follow along in realtime as we, Business Coach, Natalie Marie Collins and Kristen Joy, The Book Ninja, write our next books… And join our virtual "Parallel Universe" where you'll dedicate one hour of your day alongside us every week as we have our Book Writing Challenge Writing Dates and quietly make significant progress on your next book.

Our goal is to have our books significantly underway, if not 100% written within the next 30 days. But our past track records have made it clear this won't happen without some serious butt-kicking.

That's where you come in…

We want YOU to help hold US accountable. And in exchange, we will hold YOU accountable to reach your book writing goals!

Do you want to finish your next book in 30 days? We'll support you through that!

Do you want to write your heart-want book, your personal story, or another longer word-filled book such as a business how-to book or an autobiography? We'll be writing right alongside you as we write ours!
There are RULES!
Your Book Writing Challenge book project may be a book idea you've had for a while but not started yet, one you have some general notes or outline but haven't written yet, or one that has completely stalled at some point during the writing process. (Bonus points if you create your new book with this Challenge AND finish one you've already started within the Challenge time frame!)
There are Rewards!
What fun is a Challenge without rewards? And these are kick-awesome prizes you do NOT want to miss out on… Here's what you'll get if you successfully complete this Challenge:
  •  At least one manuscript written, ready for the next stage in the publishing process. (YAY!)
  •  A badge for your website and social media to show off your successful completion of the Book Writing Challenge.
  •  A certificate in the mail (this is paper, ya'll) you can proudly hang on your wall stating your name, the name of the book(s) you finished and signed by both of us.
But WAIT... What if You Beed More Time?
How about an extra 5 months?
We understand "life" can happen... And we also realize it's a lot to expect a "heart-want" book to be fully realized in only 30 days. So that's why we're giving you a BONUS of 5 whole MONTHS to get your book done!

BUT there are RULES if you accept this bonus...

If your goal is to create low-content books such as journals, planners or coloring books, the rules of this Challenge are that you create a minimum of 3 books in the 6 months from the Challenge Start Date... These types of books take a lot less time to complete than word-filled books, and you'll have at least 3 awesome products you can sell at the end of the Challenge!

If your goal is a word-filled book such as motivational, how-to business, self-help, autobiography, memoir, etc., the rules are you must have your "shitty rough draft" done at the end of the Challenge… Ready for its first round of edits. (Bonus points if you get it written AND through its first round of edits by the end of the Challenge... EXTRA bonus points if you get it published and in your hands by the end!)
To Recap:
  •  Your challenge book may be already started, just an idea or outlined.
  •  IF you take the BONUS 5 months, you must create a minimum of 3 low-content books OR 1 heart-want book during this challenge to get the rewards.
Act NOW and You'll also Get this BIGGEST-REWARD-OF-ALL BONUS!!!
  •  Entry into the "consider stocking this" list for Kristen's brick-and-mortar book and toy store, Toy Box Gifts & Wonder, in Chambersburg, PA… To be featured in the special "Independent Authors and Makers" section of her store. This is REAL placement in a REAL bookstore in a REAL city!*
  •  A hard copy of Kristen's book she's writing for this Challenge... autographed and mailed to you.
  •  A hard copy of Natalie's book she's writing for this Challenge... autographed and mailed to you.
Let's recap what you get:
  •  Group accountability and ass-kicking to finally get your shit DONE!
  •  LIVE Weekly Call we like to call our "Book Writing Challenge Writing Date" with both of us (Kristen and Natalie) that is one-hour of quiet dedicated writing time that we all share as a group, holding the space for you to write and focus so you can get a lot done. (Note: These are not training calls, these are butt-in-chair-get-your-stuff-done calls.)
  •  Weekly up-to-date emails with insights and goal markers along the process to keep you inspired and motivated… Where Kristen and Natalie will share their personal a-ha's, realtime struggles, how they soar into productivity-mode, and the exact process they use to get the books written by the set deadline.
  •  Lots of practical tools and actionable steps to take to take along the way so you’ll be able to successfully build a daily writing habit and the encouragement to stick with it.
  •  A choice of how you prefer to be held accountable - hard core or gentle nudges (or maybe even some of both). 
  •  Access to the private Facebook group so you can update everyone along your writing journey, ask questions and get support from your Challenge-mates when you get stuck, and implement group accountability. 
  •  To join the book writing process with Kristen and Natalie and be a part of the unfolding creation of everyone’s book.
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Frequently Asked Questions
What are the Challenge calls about?
On each call we will have a short introduction of what we're doing, our next steps, then silence for about one hour as we work on our books. Then we'll close out with a progress report and challenge next steps to take action throughout the next week before our next call.

When are the Live Challenge calls?
Our LIVE calls will be every Friday at noon Eastern time (11am Central, 9am Pacific).

If I join the Challenge after it starts, can I still listen to the Live calls?
Absolutely! Not only will you have ongoing access to the live calls for the rest of the Challenge, but you'll also have access to all the replays to get caught up.

What if I can't join the Challenge calls live?
Each call will be recorded, so you can listen to it as soon as you're able. Keep in mind the calls are once a week, designed to hold at least one hour per week for you to work on your book(s), so you'll want to set an intention to either make time to show up live or set a specific time in your schedule each week to participate in the calls.

Can I write outside the live call time?
Absolutely! The calls are simply to give you a set time you can work on your book project each week. You may find yourself so "in the zone" that you want to spend the rest of the day cranking out that project, and we're all for that! Depending on your project, you may need more than one hour per week to complete it on time.

Do I have to give you my current address?
Only if you complete the Challenge and want your certificate mailed to you, or complete the Challenge, qualify for the extra reward of being stocked in Kristen's store, and want your book(s) to be sold there. ;-)

If I accept the "Extra 5 Months Bonus" and complete the Challenge by November 5, 2017 AND have my book published/available for sale by December 31, 2017, how will I get it into Kristen's store?
All you have to do is email info@thebookninja.com with your book title, ISBN number and the author name you wrote it under and we'll take care of the rest!

*Stocking in Kristen's book and toy store, Toy Box Gifts & Wonder is subject to the discretion of the TBGW owners who reserve the right to not stock products that are offensive or pornographic in nature, unreasonably priced for the market, or unprofessionally produced. To be included in this exclusive program, all books completed during the Challenge must be printed and available in distribution by December 31, 2017. The owners of Toy Box Gifts & Wonder also reserve the right to continue stocking any books that perform well.

So when is the Live Challenge Deadline, again?
November 5, 2017! ;-)

Will Kristen stock my book if I publish it through CreateSpace or another book printer?
If Kristen cannot purchase the book through one of her current distributors, she will contact you directly to place a wholesale order that you will then fulfill and ship to her store. Wholesale terms are 40% off the retail price and she will purchase a minimum of 3 books.

How much will I get paid for books Kristen purchases to stock in her store?
Kristen adheres to standard retail bookstore practice of a 40% discount. This means you will be paid 60% of the retail price of your book, with a minimum order of 3 copies. If you raise your price above what is considered standard for your niche just to make more money, she will not purchase your book(s). Keep this in mind while creating your pricing structure.

If I join the Challenge late (after the LIVE calls begin), but still get my book done by the deadline, will Kristen stock my book in her store?
Per the "rules" above, yes. All you have to do is have your book done and have it pass with our Store Buyers' Committee and you're in!
Refund Policy: This extensive program is a COMMITMENT that requires dozens of hours of our personal time, expertise and instantly-downloadable materials. Due to the overwhelming value and nature of this program and the fact that it is exactly as described on this page, no refunds are available for this program.
As always - all your training replays are available to you in your members area.
Allow up to 30 minutes to receive your Welcome email and Login information.

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