Writing Challenge 101
How would you like to finally reach your writing goals for your next project... in the next 30 days?

AND get published?!?
Join us for this brand new 30-Day WRITING CHALLENGE!

From: Kristen Joy & Natalie Marie Collins

Re: It's time you discover the secrets full-time authors have been hiding from you! 
Writing a non-fiction business, how-to, self-help or even motivational book can be hard work.

Writing a novel can be even harder.

And writing kids books SOUNDS easy... until you sit down and end up bleeding all over the page.

Can you relate?

We've discovered that our students and clients have grand vision and initial motivation, then stop in their tracks just short of completing their writing projects... whether that project is a short story for a publication or a full-length book.

That's why we decided to band together and bring you a unique opportunity not only to complete your next writing project in 30 days... But ADDITIONAL motivation to be included in our first Writing is Art anthology book! (YAY!)
Now's Your Chance...
To stop putting off your next book writing dream once and for all... whether it's a full-length novel or the next self-help book destined for the best seller list.

To develop new, productive habits to get more done in less time, with energy for "life" left over!

To join us as we not only train you each week, but hold LIVE accountability, Q&A and critique calls to help YOU get past your blocks and finally see your project completed!

Do you want to finish your next book within 30 days? We'll support you through that!

Do you want to get published? We're giving YOU the opportunity to use THIS Challenge to write, submit AND be published in our first ever anthology book! And yes, this will be a series designed to give you massive exposure and the confidence that only comes with being a published author!
Get Ready for the BEST Training!
Every week we'll equip you with something new to implement. You'll have (FUN!) homework designed to help you get YOUR specific and unique project done!
Week 1
In this week's training you'll discover:
  •  Brand new easy and fun ways to get your ideas out of your head and into a space where you can finally implement them.
  •  An introduction to Intuitive Outlining... a unique way to quickly organize your book, save time and make your book reflect your own awesomeness.
  •  The quickest, easiest way to get started on that "huge" project... so you're not overwhelmed.
  •  What to do when you inevitably get stuck, run out of steam and want to set your project aside in favor of that new shiny object... and how to end SOS (Shiny Object Syndrome) for GOOD.
  •  How to plan your book for this Challenge... and see success before Day 30.
  •  And sooooo much more! (Including bonus demo videos for Scrivener and a live video of Natalie's Sticky Note Action Plan!)
Week 2
In this week's training you'll discover:
  •  How to save time and frustration by transforming material you've already created to beef up your book.
  •  Where to find the best PLR and Public Domain content to add value for your readers... and the right way to use them to avoid the Amazon Slap!
  •  The fastest and easiest way to structure your book's front and back matter for the best overall reader experience to get those coveted 5-star reviews.
  •  How to turn otherwise boring non-fiction ideas into exciting story-enriched gripping content readers will love... and refer to their friends.
  •  The latest tricks to enhance your fiction.
  •  Motivation if you're participating in the Anthology project to get that chapter written so we can GET YOU PUBLISHED!
  •  And much more!
Week 3
In this week's training you'll discover:
  •  The top 5 Writing Hacks you NEED to effortlessly fit your writing into your life so you don't lose steam, get frustrated and want to throw your computer out the window.
  •  How to get out of your own way... 9 industry best-kept secrets to overcome your self-sabotage and finally get a grip on your dreams.
  •  How to prioritize your writing when "life" happens... and apply these strategies to every project you'll ever create.
  •  How to keep yourself on track during the last two weeks of this Challenge... so you don't fall off the wagon.
  •  And more!
  •  NOTE: This is the week most writers lose steam and allow "life" to get in their way. But OUR goal is to see you PUBLISHED... So THIS is the week to push through and make it happen!
Week 4
In this week's training you'll discover:
  •  The latest self-editing techniques to make your writing the best it can be... so you don't have to spend thousands of dollars on professional editing.
  •  The easiest and most cost-effective way to get your book published with KDP Print.
  •  The top 5 places to go for professional cover design... AND 5 secrets they use so you can save money and design it yourself.
  •  The final motivational push you need to see your project cross the finish line.
  •  What to do after this Challenge is over to keep up the momentum... and apply these tools to ALL your writing projects.
  •  And even more!
  •  HINT: Choose the Anthology Bundle option below and get published within the next couple months!
There is a HUGE BONUS!
Every Monday after each weekly training is released, you can attend a LIVE webinar where you can ask any questions, get your writing critiqued, get clarification on next steps... and be supported for YOUR book writing dream to become a reality!

The Schedule:

Thursday, October 4: Week 1 Training released in your Members Area
Monday, October 8 5:00PM Eastern (2:00PM Pacific) LIVE WEBINAR

Thursday, October 11: Week 2 Training released in your Members Area
Monday, October 15 5:00PM Eastern (2:00PM Pacific) LIVE WEBINAR

Thursday, October 18: Week 3 Training released in your Members Area
Monday, October 22 5:00PM Eastern (2:00PM Pacific) LIVE WEBINAR

Thursday, October 25: Week 4 Training released in your Members Area
Monday, October 29 5:00PM Eastern (2:00PM Pacific) LIVE WEBINAR
Let's recap what you get:
  •  Group accountability and ass-kicking to finally get your writing goals DONE... including an extra push to get PUBLISHED with the Anthology Bundle!
  •  Weekly Trainings to give you much-needed step-by-steps specific to the non-fiction writing process.
  •  Weekly LIVE webinars for Q&A, critiques, support and more.
  •  Lots of practical tools and actionable steps to take to take along the way so you’ll be able to successfully build a daily writing habit and the encouragement to stick with it.
  •  To join the book writing process with Kristen and Natalie and be a part of the unfolding creation of everyone’s book... AND get YOUR work published with the Anthology Bundle option!
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Frequently Asked Questions
When are the Trainings?
The pre-recorded trainings will appear in the Members Area every Thursday by 7pm starting October 4th through October 25th. You can go through the training over the weekend at your own pace.

When are the Q&A/Critique Live Challenge calls?
Our LIVE calls will be every Monday at 5:00PM Eastern time (2:00PM Pacific).

If I join the Challenge after it starts, can I still listen to the Live calls?
Absolutely! Not only will you have ongoing access to the live calls for the rest of the Challenge, but you'll also have access to all the replays to get caught up.

If I join the Challenge after it starts and opt for the Publishing Bundle, can I still get in the book?
Absolutely! You must meet the Challenge deadline in order to be published so we stay on schedule.

If I join the Challenge now, can I UPGRADE to the Publishing Bundle later?
Yep! Keep in mind upgrading may be a higher investment than the initial bundle (we make no promises), but you can upgrade later if you decide during the Challenge that you'd like to participate in the book project!

What are the requirements to be published?
You will submit a 2500-5000 word chapter about what inspires you to write, how writing has impacted your life, anything about works you've already written and published... Answer the questions in your Anthology Members Area or write your own, as long as it's inspiring for other writers like you! (We're not super specific and will work WITH you to make your contribution the best it can be!)

Is this just a Kindle book?
No! We will be producing this book on Kindle, yes, but we'll also make it available in PRINT!

When will the book be published?
Our plan is to enter the editing phase within one week after the Challenge ends. This means the Inspiration For Writers By Writers book will probably be published before Christmas!

Will you be marketing the book?
Yes! You know me, book marketing is one of the biggest things I advocate and train on... so we're devoting time, energy AND FUNDING to market this book... which will bring YOU more exposure and hopefully get to add the title "Best-Selling Author" to your name!

Who owns the rights to my chapter?
In order to print, publish and distribute the book, we have to have the rights to do so. However, original copyright is retained by you and you're welcome to use portions of your chapter anywhere else you wish, including your blog, other books, guest blogs, etc. All we ask is that you not use your full chapter in its entirety anywhere else to keep the integrity of the book intact... and showcase YOU as a PUBLISHED AUTHOR!

What if I can't join the Q&A/Critique Challenge calls live? Will you still answer my questions?
Absolutely! You can email us your questions at least 12 hours in advance of the Live call at support@thebookninja.com. If we get your question late it will be added to the next week's call. Each call will be recorded, so you can listen to it as soon as you're able.

Do I have to write during a specific time?
Nope. You can complete your homework and writing goals at any time during this Challenge that fits your schedule.

Is this program part of The Book Ninja Academy?
No. This is a joint venture "partner program" and therefore is not included with The Book Ninja Academy. Additionally, it involves coaching through the Live calls and the Facebook Group, so it does not qualify for the Academy membership.

What if I have more questions?
Feel free to contact us at support@thebookninja.com and our Ninja Support Team will assist you!
Refund Policy: This extensive program is a COMMITMENT that requires dozens of hours of our personal time, expertise and instantly-downloadable materials. Due to the overwhelming value and nature of this program and the fact that it is exactly as described on this page, no refunds are available for this program.
As always - all your training replays are available to you in your members area.
Allow up to 30 minutes to receive your Welcome email and Login information.

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